Follow my map to feel amazing - emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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Follow my map to feel amazing - emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

If you ever feel...

  • Disconnected from others and from your own life –like you’re playing many inauthentic roles and watching life go on around you.

  • Attached to a negative thought pattern that, despite your best efforts, you can’t break free from.

  • Dizzy trying to juggle all the different moving parts of your life.

  • Like you’re wandering through life wondering what happened to the more vibrant person you used to be. (Hint: she’s still inside. And she’s still you.)

  • Guilty for not feeling happier with the life you’ve “been given” - And it’s a vicious cycle.

  • Muddled about how you might go about changing your life. You know you’d like things to change – you just don’t know how to make them different.

  • Physically weakened in some way. You just can’t shake pain, anxiety, or sickness.

I know how it feels. Being stuck SUCKS.

I’m Marci Baron,

the founder of and the creator of The Complete Chakra Healing Series, The Blueprint for Healing Yourself. I’m a Homeward Bound Guide who specializes in working with women like you on Energy Clearing and Transformation.

I’m Marci Baron,


“The course was enlightening! To be given the tools and knowledge on how to clear my energy has been life changing. Through what I learned in this course, helped me deal with uncomfortable situations, stressful times, and in times of weakness and sickness. I am now able to work through any situation energetically and heal it. It has connected me to my inner self in a way that I never thought possible. This course and Marci has changed my life!”

Kathy PapagianakisKathy Papagianakis

“The Complete Chakra Healing Course has allowed me to claim my sense of self again. I feel confident, guided, safe and strong. I feel more like ME - the way I was born to be! The tools and techniques in the course have helped me to find direction and deep feeling of purpose. I feel rooted and open to receive all the beautiful blessings coming my way. I have reclaimed my true, free spirit. Thank you Marci, for your healing gifts and insight!”

Joysie JeromeJoysie Jerome

“Marci's Chakra Healing Series changed so much of my life. I have learned to be more aware of my own energy as well as how to protect my energy from the outside world. As an empath, this has always been a challenge. I would resort to food or alcohol to numb the energy I took on from others. Marci taught me ways to remain calm, protect my energy, and increase my vibration. She has a gift and all that have the honor of experiencing it will be changed...for their greatest good and greatest healing.”

Kelly MatersonKelly Materson

I know you feel like you’ve lost your inner compass and you’ve lost your way.

This DIY course will help bring you back home.

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What do I mean by HOME?

Home means arriving at the root of who you are inside. It’s who you’ve always been – but haven’t felt like in quite a while. My clients sometimes describe it like that feeling that you’ve been travelling on a very, long journey – that you’ve gone so far, you don’t know how to go back home. Or what home even looks like anymore.

What do I mean by HOME?

The truth is that this sense of home is still inside you. It’s who you are as a soul. Your soul will never lie or steer you wrong.

The problem is that, one day, you stopped listening to it. The side effect of not listening to your soul is YEARS spent constantly making decisions to please others in your life or to fulfill some idea of who you think you’re supposed to be. (Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?)

The Complete Chakra Healing Series will help you become…

  • Bolder. Clearer. Calmer.

  • More responsive and less reactive. More confident. More abundant.

  • More balanced. More creative. Stronger.

  • More joyful. More grateful.

  • Best of all, on the right path.

So what do Chakras have to do with me?

You don’t need to be all woo-woo to take this course so let me put it to you in a really visual way. Think of the way a hot air balloon works. As you lighten your load (the bags of sand), you’re able to soar to the stars. When heavy becomes light, your trajectory changes. And when you change your trajectory, you can change your entire life.

The Chakras are simply the information system we use to release the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual baggage that’s been dragging you down.

Another example: I have a friend whose phone died. It wouldn’t turn back on so she went to the Apple Store. The employee asked when she last updated her software. She says she never did. She never updated her phone's operating system. They were BLOWN AWAY. And, just like you maintain your phone's operating system, you also have to maintain YOUR OWN OPERATING SYSTEM (AKA - your ENERGY SYSTEM.) This course is for all of you who have been neglecting your Energetic Hygiene.

The Complete Chakra Healing Series

The Blueprint for Healing Yourself

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Course Outline

Introduction to Energy

  • Why Energetic Hygiene is Important

  • How it will Dramatically Improve Your Life

  • General Information (Slides) + Pre-Assessment of Your Chakras

  • Self-Healing Tools, Affirmations, and Activities

  • Guided Healing Meditations

  • Assessment/Reflection

Overview of the Seven Chakras + Energy Systems

Overview of the Seven Chakras + Energy Systems

For Each Chakra:

  • General Information (Slides) + Assessment of Your Chakras

  • Self-Healing Tools, Affirmations, and Activities

  • Guided Healing Meditation

  • Assessment/Reflection

This Package Includes:

  • Three Individual Healing Sessions with Marci done over Zoom

  • $75 savings on the course

Course curriculum

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